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Matter Waves was a duo with John Colpitts/Kid Millions and myself that for a while became a trio with Bernard Gann and then back to a duo with Bernard Gann and myself.

It was largely an opportunity to explore my laptop/midi controller options along with live improvisors. This particular performance was our debut and was part of the Darmstadt series at Issue Project Room. The very first time Kid and got together to play, Nick Hallett, director of the series, happened to drop by the Oneida practice space in the late, lamented Monster Island complex. After hearing a few minutes of what we were up to, he offered us the gig.

Unlike the other videos presented here, this has actually been up on the web for a few years—I just felt that it belonged here as part of this archival setting.


David First - guitar/midi-controller/laptop

Kid Millions - drums