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Stichting Logos in Ghent, Belgium was the second place I ever played in Europe during my first tour over there. I had met Gottfried-Willem Raes, the Logos director, and Paul Panhuysen of Het Apollohuis in Linz, Austria on a previous trip and they both invited me, so off I went.

I brought my guitar, my Casio CZ1000 and my Digitech multi-effects processor. The World Casio Quartet (three CZ1000s & one CZ101) had already played in NYC/Philly/Hartford, but there was no budget to bring us all overseas. All of my music for the WCQ was based on the microtonal interaction amongst the four synths, so I had to develop some strategies for doing something interesting on only one. In the WCQ we played the program buttons (which all triggered different detuned frequencies) almost as much as we played on the keyboard, but on the pieces here I played only the program buttons through delays. It was a path not taken for some reason when I got back to the band and I never did these pieces again. The guitar pieces are for Ebow guitar & low Casio drone and one for distorted guitar where I explored just intonation bending and difference tones in a purer, more minimalist way than I did elsewhere...